Gearing up for Numerous Launch in October
August 20, 2023

Greetings to our dynamic community of engineers, developers, and tech enthusiasts,

Today, we delve deep into the heart of Numerous, tracing our journey from our roots in Energy Machines to emerging as a confident, independent entity under the aegis of Teracloud. This narrative is more than just our story — it symbolizes the strength of ambition, resilience, and a relentless passion for innovation.

The Genesis

Our story commenced within the energetic corridors of Energy Machines. The seed of entrepreneurship always beckoned. While the thrill of startup culture wasn’t unfamiliar, the allure of steering a ship from its nascent stages was an enduring aspiration. At Energy Machines, our mission was ambitious: devising digital solutions that ranged from energy system simulation tools, a configurator for heat pump performance metrics, to crafting digital twins pulsating with real-time data analytics.

Guided by Energy Machines’ visionary founder and a bold digitalization strategy, our ambitions soared. The objective was lucid: fashioning a platform that would empower every engineer across the vast Nordic expanse, democratizing access to the tools we passionately crafted. It was this drive, these challenges, and this mission that sowed the seeds for Numerous.

The Energy Machines Era

This phase was a roller-coaster of intense product evolution and learning. From conceptualizing simulations and interfaces to harnessing the vast expanses of the cloud, the challenges were multifaceted. The need for robust computational power, comprehensive tool documentation, and tackling versioning nuances kept us on our toes. Yet, every challenge carved a new facet into Numerous, refining our platform and augmenting its accessibility.

Our transition from Energy Machines was a conscious choice, driven by a desire to share our expertise more broadly. We envisioned a platform that would unlock research potential, aid engineers in widening their tool's reach, and simplify the intricate journey of software development for countless visionaries.

Transitioning to Teracloud

Our transition was serendipitous. Teracloud, Energy Machines' kin, opened its doors to us, recognizing and resonating with our vision. As Numerous etches its path as an independent entity, our bond with Teracloud symbolizes a partnership fostering growth and relentless innovation.

Reflections & The Road Ahead

Moments in our journey shine brighter in retrospect - from our formative dialogues at Energy Machines to the mammoth task of simulating energy solutions for global sites using Numerous' prototype.

Our eyes, however, remain firmly fixed on the horizon. We're buzzing with anticipation for our next-gen developer experience, aiming to transform the way engineers convey knowledge and create value. Envision a world where morning's Python code metamorphoses into an afternoon's startup - that's the Numerous promise.

Our journey, replete with lessons, has molded us. To all budding visionaries out there, our message is simple: Dream big, toil relentlessly, remain adaptable, cherish your team, and let their wisdom guide you.

Thank you for being intrinsic to our narrative. Here's to a future abounding in innovation and endless possibilities.

Warm Regards,

The Numerous Team