Numerous Documentation

Welcome to Numerous! 👋

Numerous is a platform for hosting Python-based apps with frameworks you already use — Streamlit (opens in a new tab), Marimo (opens in a new tab), Dash (opens in a new tab) or almost any stack using a Dockerfile.

Let Numerous take care of all the work related to hosting and setting up user management and access. Simply write your app, deploy it with a single command, and invite your users from the Numerous (opens in a new tab) web interface.


Quickly host apps
Just a few keystrokes and your app is deployed

Easy sharing
Simply invite your users using our web interface (opens in a new tab) from the Members page.

Getting started

Try it out in the cloud

We have prepared a cloud-based development environment on GitHub codespaces, so you can try the platform without installing anything on your computer!

Create your own codespace for Numerous and get started here (opens in a new tab).

Learn and develop on your own machine