The Story

Ever felt bogged down by the intricate maze of software development for engineering tools? 🤔

Let us walk you through our story.

Numerous was conceptualized in 2020 within the R&D Simulation Department of Energy Machines. It's where we recognized the multifaceted challenges developers like you face — seamlessly incorporating Python code into an API, crafting a tailored web app from scratch, interfacing with intricate cloud infrastructure, and the continuous cycle of deploying and maintaining this intricate stack.

Fast-forward to 2023, our solo voyage symbolizes more than an organizational transformation. It's our pledge. A pledge to simplify this convoluted process, fostering a space dedicated to tool development and nurturing a community that values shared experiences of engineers across diverse landscapes.

With Numerous, it's not just about reshaping software workflows; it's about crafting a future where your engineering prowess is unbounded and celebrated.

The team

Hi there👋!

At Numerous we are a diverse group of engineers, developers, and researchers, combining experienced professionals with passionate young minds. Collaboration, respect, and continuous learning drive our collective efforts. Join us as we strive to make a positive impact through our shared dedication to excellence in engineering.

🚀 Ready to elevate your engineering software journey? Dive into the Numerous experience with us! 🚀

Lasse Thomsen

Founder & Product Manager

David Arbirk

Project Manager

Dominika Majewska
UX Researcher
Anders Høgh Hansen

Lead Frontend Developer

Jens Feodor Nielsen

Lead Backend Developer

Frederik Moroder

Fullstack Developer

Lasse Stausgaard

Frontend Developer

Ósk Björnsdóttir

Frontend Developer

Artem Chupryna

Software Developer

Ildar Amirov

Software Developer
Jakob Faarbaek Gregersen

Student Frontend Developer

Eduardo Sfreddo Trindade

Student Backend Developer

Welcome to Numerous👋, the platform where engineering tools reach their fullest potential. Embark on this journey with us and redefine your engineering workflow, building on efficiency and impact. Together, we can revolutionize the engineering ecosystem.